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Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Quality is no Longer a 'Bolt on' Extra

Quality systems were often considered as an overhead in business and could be bolted on to any business. The systems usually got in the way of delivering products or services to customers and could be ignored in times of high activity.

Fortunately, the days when quality systems were both cumbersome and rigid, are over. Modern manufacturers and service delivery companies have quality and customer satisfaction built in to every stage of the process. It is no longer an overhead but an integral part of the company, essential for the delivery of the product or service and vital for the success of the company.

ISO9001:2000, which is the latest incarnation of the BS5750 quality management system, is simpler and far more effective than the original which came out of the military. ISO9001 contains no magic formula and no 'rocket science' is specified; just good business practice and common sense.

ISO9001 ensures that companies are customer focussed and efficient.

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