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Sunday, 25 February 2007

If (When) Disaster Strikes can you Cope?

There are many potential disasters that can affect our organisations, some serious and some just inconvenient.

A sensible precaution is to put into place a Disaster Recovery Plan. The main parts of which are kept off site:

  • A good back-up of computer data
  • An inventory of all important hardware (to enable you to replace items)
  • An inventory of all important software (to enable you to replace software)
  • Details of Insurance Company, Bank Details etc (Don't rely on memory)
  • Contact details for staff (they will need to know what to do)
  • Contact details for major customers and suppliers
  • A copy of your Business Disaster Plan

The plan should look at potential areas for disaster, including fire, flood, power or other utility interruption, sickness and terrorism.

To be successful the plan should show what should happen immediately an incident is discovered, what should happen after two hours then four hours and so on.

Test the plan before you need it; It is surprising how many plans fall flat when tested.

Remember to test it before it tests you.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

How you can Protect the Environment(And save some money as well)

Here are some simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint; the added bonus is that it will save you a considerable amount of cash:

  • Unplug or turn off mobile phone chargers when not in use;

  • Don't leave TV, Computer, DVD players, etc on standby;

  • Replace ordinary bulbs with low energy fluorescent types;

  • Turn off lights when leaving a room unattended;

  • Turn down heating by one degree;

  • Don't have air-conditioning and heating on at the same time;

  • Reduce water consumption by installing dual flush toilets;

  • Don't wash/rinse items under running water;

  • Walk or cycle where possible;

  • If you must drive, then drive a low CO2 type of vehicle or better still a hybrid.

This will help save the planet and help your bank balance.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Information Security and Social Engineering

Social engineering is the term used to obtain information from people without them realising what is going on.

A recent exercise carried out by one of our clients was to invite by email, specially selected employees (although all employees received the invitation) to take part in an exciting new venture. All, they had top do was to go to a secure web-site and enter their company log on and password to verify their interest. The recipients were warned not to talk about this venture to any of their colleagues as the matter was highly secret.

This company (that I will not identify) is accredited to ISO27001 and takes security very seriously but many of the employees did enter this confidential information into the web-site believing that it was quite innocent.

On a completely different angle and with Valentines Day approaching the chances of unauthorised entry to your organisation increases.

A delivery of flowers or chocolates is made, usually by a pretty girl, and the idea is to surprise the recipient so the usual security at reception is waived.

Entry to the company is that easy.

Social engineering can damage your security

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Pre-Qualification for Tenders

Many Large Organisations and Government Departments have set minimum entry criteria for quotations and tenders for products and services; these are usually in the form of recognised quality and/or environmental standards.

If the tender request states that ISO9001 and ISO14001 are entry requirements and you don't have these, your quotation or tender, however well prepared, will not get beyond the starting gate.

These organisations simply do not have the time to vet each potential supplier for quality or environmental status. It is easier to rely on one of the Certification Bodies to do the work for them. If the supplier can show that it has passed, and continues to pass, the International Requirements for quality and environmental performance it will be considered for inclusion of that organisation’s preferred suppliers list.

ISO9001 & ISO14001 open doors

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