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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Security of Smartphones

The mobile phone is far more than just a device for making telephone calls these days. Most have a camera, some have the ability to receive and send email and some have the ability to log into servers remotely, so it is surprising that often the basic levels of security are not used.

Mobile theft and loss can cause significant problems to organisations especially those phones that do not have a pin in place to prevent unauthorised access.

There is little point in having high levels of security on networks if smartphones are readily accessible.

  • Set a pin for power on (usually turned off by default)

  • Set an automatic lock to occur after a period of inactivity

  • Don't use your device when walking along a street (theft is highly likely and additionally you could be distracted and get run over by a bus)

  • Don't leave your device in your jacket pocket unattended

Common sense - Protect your systems and your security.

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