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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Why is ISO 9001 so Successful?

The Quality Management Standard ISO9001 is the worlds most recognisable standard, with approaching 1,000,000 certificates issued in 130 countries this is a truly global standard.

The standard requires an organisation to turn customer requirements into customer satisfaction; something we all aim to do, but those achieving the required level are awarded a certificate of conformance, declaring this fact to the world.

Most organisations claim to be the best, the quickest, the most cost effective, etc, but an endorsement by a third party often carries more weight. This is where ISO9001 scores highly.

ISO, The International Organisation for Standardisation is a non governmental body whose country members are permitted to issue certificates. In this country there are some 268 bodies permitted to issue certificates and are accredited by UKAS, The United Kingdom Accreditation Service. Certificates issued by an accredited body have the distinctive CROWN and TICK logo next to that of the certification body.

There are a number of non-accredited bodies issuing certificates, unfortunately these certificates are recognised only by the issuing authority and are often worthless as a reference. The certificate is usually issued after a very short time frame and is essentially a receipt for monies paid rather than proof of conformance.

Achieve recognition from a UKAS approved body.

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