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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Internal Auditor Training on your Site

It is well known that training for internal quality or environmental auditors is a requirement of both ISO9001 and ISO14001 Standards. The usual way is to find a company offering audit courses and then to arrange for your trainee auditors to attend the course and receive a certificate (if they pass).

Although this method does provide your auditors with proper training in auditing the product or service element of the course is unlikely to be an exact fit; although training in audit principles and specimen tasks will be provided.

An ideal solution is to have the audit training provider tailor make the course to fit your own organisation; this way your auditors will have proper training in the standards and auditing, plus audit practice on your own production or service provision.

This may be a little more expensive but will pay dividends in targeted training which will shorten the learning curve. Your auditors will have the advantage of bespoke training and

Bespoke auditing training for medium and large organisations

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