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Monday, 24 March 2008

ISO9001 Quality Management Standard

ISO9001 has become the most widely recognised standard in the world. In the UK the 'Crown and Tick' logo alongside the Certification Body shows that the certificate of registration is valid worldwide.

What is ISO9001?

9001 or more correctly BS EN ISO9001:2000 (in the UK) is a registration scheme where an organisation is assessed against a set of rules; if successful the organisation can use the logo to endorse the management system incorporated in the organisation.

What does ISO9001 cover?

The standard covers all stages of a product (or service) from customer's order through order acceptance, Design and development if appropriate, planning, production or service delivery and quality control checks such as inspection, and control of calibration devices. Also included are the selection of suppliers and purchase of goods, together with control of customer complaints and the measurement of customer satisfaction.

In short, all the activities normally carried out within a well ordered organisation. There is no rocket science involved.

Below is the ISO9001 model which is designed to turn customer enquiries into customer satisfaction:

The information gathered from the processes is fed to top management to allow for continual improvement. In this way the organisation is able to make decisions based on fact and so develop and evolve.

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