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Monday, 16 June 2008

Environmentally sound and safe as well

I drive many thousands of miles each year and to protect the environment I purchased a Honda Hybrid car in May 2007. This car uses a small petrol engine and an electric motor in an integrated propulsion unit.

The car returns some 45-50MPG and in addition is exempt from the London congestion charge. There is also a considerable saving in the car tax disc which is only £15 per year. All in all, I have been delighted with this car and recommended it to others.

Honda engineering also saved my life this week when I was involved in a crash which wrote off the car. The car was badly damaged but the driver's protection cell remained fully intact. My fear was that the car would catch fire, particularly with the high power batteries used within the car. My fears were unfounded. The Fire and Rescue Service cut the roof off the car so that they could slide me out on a spinal board. There was some concern that I may have had a whiplash injury. The Paramedics cut my suit off so that they could put a canula into my arm ready for any actions the hospital may need to carry out. The ambulance service took some Polaroid photographs of the scene and I was amazed that after being checked over at the hospital I was able to leave with no more that a bruise where the seat belt had been.
Had my car been an old one or one of a less robust nature then I doubt whether I would be writing this blog

Will I buy another Honda Hybrid?

I have already bought a new one to replace my one year old friend. I can drive it with confidence, knowing that in addition to doing my bit for the planet, Honda is doing all it can to ensure that I am safe in my car and even if the worst happens I have the best chance of surviving.

Thank you Honda

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