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Monday, 20 October 2008

Environmental Measures and Common Sense

Readers of this blog will know that I always advocate environmentally friendly measures and it is becoming increasingly clear that these measures are becoming the norm rather that the exception.

Measure 1 - I drive a Hybrid car - Not only does this car give me a good miles per gallon figure, it is comfortable, I pay only £15 per year road tax and I am exempt from congestion charges;

Measure 2 - By reducing my speed from 70 to 65 miles per hour, I have found that I now get between 55-60 miles per gallon. With fuel cost now becoming a significant expense this is a considerable saving.

Measure 3 - By reducing the thermostat by one to two degrees my heating bill will be reduced; it may not offset the huge rises in energy costs but it must go part way.

Measure 4 - I now turn off lights that are really not needed during the day; I open the blinds to let in natural daylight. The savings may not be great but contribute to then overall saving even with energy saving lighting.

Measure 5 - No equipment is left on standby; to do so would be wasting energy and money.

Measure 6 - If I feel cold; I put on a jumper rather than turning up the heat; I am often staggered to see people in summer clothes complaining about feeling chilly.

Measure 7 - I have changed Banks- not only because my previous Bank gave me such rotten service but my new Bank is within walking distance. No Car needed.

Measure 8 - We recycle as much as we can to reduce our impact on the environment.

Measure 9 - We buy in season food to reduce then air miles that our food travels; some of our food has travelled 10's of miles rather than hundreds.

Measure 10 - We buy our goods and services locally, wherever we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

Am I a crank, or just gloating at saving money (and the Planet)? I suspect that 10 years ago I may have been considered a crank but nowadays I am perfectly normal, and richer.

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