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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Security and the Credit Crunch

The credit crunch has made the criminal fraternity even more determined to separate us from our hard earned cash.

Some of the latest scams are cleverer than ever; take the email currently doing the rounds, it says the most destructive virus ever is coming so email this warning to everyone you know, If you receive an email from someone you know with POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK, do not open it otherwise your hard disk will be totally erased. It is a hoax of course but people have been forwarding this email to their entire address book, unfortunately they have been sending the email to their address book as cc rather than then hidden bcc. The effect is that millions of email addresses are circulating the internet. Then bad guys then harvest these emails and use them as direct targeted email. This may entice us to part with passwords etc.

Emails sent from our banks asking for log-in and passwords to re-activate an account are again spurious as no bank would ever ask for this information in an email.

Prize winning emails which only require us to give bank details, full name, date of birth and usually a mother’s maiden name risk us being victims to identity fraud.

The one I think is particularly clever is the email supposedly from the HMRC saying that I had overpaid my tax and if I would care to send them my bank details they would credit the amount directly into my account.

And finally a word of caution about credit and debit cards; never let your credit or debit card out of your sight. If a chip and pin machine is used always insert the card yourself and NEVER tell the shop or other supplier your pin number. If you buy online always check that you are entering your details into a secure web-site. If there is a padlock shown and the site is https and not http.

I hope you can spend your money on those you choose and not let the criminals steal it.

Happy Christmas shopping.

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