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Friday, 21 August 2009

Christmas Cards

It must be mid-summer as I have now received three Christmas card catalogues. I have also been notified that I must book a Christmas party to ensure that there will be space available.

Along with these I have been told that I have won a European Lottery; I have been specially selected to allow a huge sum of money to be paid into my bank account from a disinherited person in Nigeria and of course offered the usual medicaments. While sorting the good emails from the bad is time-consuming, I am constantly reminded that vigilance is needed to stop the bad guys affecting this company.

Our weekly checks include a full virus and malware sweep, a look at the firewall logs to identify any threats and the mandatory password review and change.

I haven't been compromised, or I think I haven't, but even the cleverest of people get hacked or compromised so I never relax.

What I am saying is do not drop your guard for a moment otherwise the company Christmas cards may not be needed.

For those who have returned from holiday I would suggest a thorough check of your systems and those about to go on holiday make sure your systems are ready and able to defend your data while you are away. Finally those who are staying at work, like me, remain vigilant, put the Christmas Card catalogues to one side and get on with it.

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