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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Risk Assessments

I recently purchased my third Honda Civic Hybrid and I am very happy with it.  My love affair with the Hybrid started in earnest when my first one saved my life in a head-on smash.   The car was wrecked, especially once the Fire Service had cut off the roof,  but I was unhurt.  I went out and bought a second one straight away.

My most recent hybrid celebrated its second week by being shunted in the rear by a young man who was "fiddling with his phone";  he was most apologetic  and fortunately he was insured.  I suppose technically I should have called the Police as his actions could be seen as careless driving, but his attitude was remorseful and as he had passed his test only a month or two previously, I thought that he would have learned much more by having to explain to his parents and his Insurance Company.

This young man will have learned the hard way that full attention is required when driving and that a telephone call or text is never so urgent that it requires instant attention.

He will, in future, even if he doesn't realise it, carry out a risk assessment on his driving and in particular to his mobile.

My car is going to be repaired and I have the use of a hire car in the interim.  It is mildly inconvenient, but no one was hurt and that is the main thing.

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