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Monday, 27 September 2010

ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Standard

Arguably the most recognised Standard in the world, it has stood the test of time. The Standard, which started as BS5750 was developed from the Defence Standards and AQAP (Allied Quality Assurance Publications) to fit with commercial organisations.

The early versions concentrated on the fulfilment of a contract between buyer and seller and made little mention of customer satisfaction. Indeed you could attain certification if your product was not all that good provided you made all of them the same way.

Later versions looked at the requirement to satisfy the customer while maintaining product conformance. The 2008 version was a tidy up operation rather than a revision and it is anticipated that the next version will include far more risk based actions. The ISO tend to revise standards each five year so and we can look forward to ISO9001:2013.

Many of the additional standard use ISO9001 as their guiding light, these include TickIt (Software production), AS9100 (Aerospace quality) and TS 16949 (Automotive quality)

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