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Monday, 11 October 2010

ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard

Today, the emphasis seems to be concentrating on the Environment and the way in which all organisations and individuals can do their bit to protect the planet.

Now that the saga of the BP oil leak is beginning to fade and vehicle manufacturers are producing more hybrid and electric cars, it seems that our long dependence on oil may be waning.

If manufacturers can produce a truly carbon neutral car then we will be well on the way to finishing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Unfortunately bio fuel, which had so much promise has backfired in converting food producing areas into bio fuel production. It would be disastrous if we generate hectares of bio fuel crops and create food shortages.

Some of the energy producing efforts which include wind, wave and solar power have the potential to supplement our power generation but will never be able to replace our conventional power stations.

Nuclear power is a good option but is feared by many people.

Today I read about a proposal to use geothermal energy from deep wells bored into granite which would provide enough energy to power 5 million homes and also provide hot water to nearby dwellings.

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