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Monday, 28 February 2011

Anti Virus Systems and ISO 27001

It is quite noticeable that the number of detected viruses and malware has gone through the roof recently.  It is a sad fact that as times get harder the number and ferocity of attacks on our computer systems increases.

Most people, fortunately have anti-virus and ant malware on their systems, however not all these are kept up-to-date; if they are not updated with the latest signature data they could be worse than useless.

One startling bit of information came my way this week, ‘a computer system connected to the internet will become infected with viruses and malware in as little as twenty minutes’; some put it at less than that.

We tend to concentrate on PC’s rather than Macs and it was thought that the MAC was better protected than the PC, but we are lead to believe that modern virus and Malware attacks MAC's as well.

One clever virus found and blocked on one of our systems had the ability to turn off the anti virus system; fortunately it was detected and quarantined before it could infect our systems.  This is in part due to our antivirus software which alerts as soon as a hint of infection is sensed and our two level stage firewalls.

Here at Quality Matters we are always on guard against these threats and our antivirus updates automatically each day. 

We help organisations put in ISO27001 systems (Information Security Management) which protect their data from unauthorised access and corruption.

The three letters (CIA) mentioned  in 27001 put it well:

C Confidential – keep data safe from others
I Integrity – ensure that data remains uncorrupted
A Availability – ensure that data is available when needed

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