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Monday, 23 May 2011

Internal Management System Auditing Standard ISO19011…….. delayed

Last August, we announced on this blog that the revised Standard ISO19011 was to be issued in June of 2011.  

We relied on the final draft and produced an updated audit course to fit this new Standard.  In hindsight this was somewhat foolish.   As the date of our audit course neared (12+ 13 May 2011) I thought it wise just to check with BSI that the awaited Standard would in fact be published in June as, from past experience, there has been some slippage in the past for Standards issue.  An example of this was the ISO9001:2000 Standard which was due in mid 2000 and it finally made it on 30 November!!.

BSI told me that the 19011 Standard had  been delayed and would now be a 2012 version.  It would be published in November 2012. It was clear that the final draft had not met universal  approval .  Our efforts in producing an updated auditing course were wasted.   Our May course had to revert to the 2002 Standard which will be in use until the eventual  issue of the revision.

"Don’t count your chickens until they are hatched" is a saying that comes to mind.  A lesson was learned here at Quality Matters.

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