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Monday, 26 March 2012

WEEE Directive & ISO27001

Quality Matters has always considered data security as a prime requirement and security of client data is paramount.  To ensure that data security is achieved we use firewalls, anti virus and anti malware systems as well as encryption to Mil Standards and physical security measures.

Every time a  PC, Server or Laptop is retired the hard drives are removed and the residual hardware broken down and disposed of in accordance with the WEEE directive (WEEE is the Waste Electrical, Electronic Equipment Directive).

Recently we realised that we had quite a number of hard drives which had been removed from old equipment; these drives contain data, which could be recovered.  In the past we have wiped the data from disks and sometimes reformatted them.  We believed that this rendered the data unrecoverable. However we stopped doing this some years ago when it became apparent that forensic data recovery was possible even though we had carried out wiping and reformatting.

What should we do with the ever growing store of used hard drives?  

We are based in Maldon in Essex and happened to visit one of our Clients and found almost by accident a company that would deal with our drives in a failsafe manner.  

This company EOL IT Services ( based on the Baltic Wharf in Station Road Maldon has the answer.  Hard drives can be securely wiped or destroyed.  Destruction is totally secure as the hard drive is rendered into granules.  The granules are then recycled.

In addition this company will take away redundant IT equipment and pay any residual value; any non functional equipment is broken down and recycled.  EOL IT Services has a zero landfill policy and nothing is exported to third world for recovery of metals etc.

We were very pleased with the speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness shown by staff at this company.  We will use them again and have passed their details to some of our Clients.

Monday, 12 March 2012

ISO 9001 Certification

Green shoots of economic recovery seem a long way off as companies try to cut costs and improve efficiency.  Increases in fuel and other costs are making this even tougher.  The proposed increases in postal charges along with the ever escalating insurance costs mean that company directors and owners need to squeeze every last drop of efficiency savings.

ISO9001 has always been a simple method to increase effectiveness and efficiency by cutting out or reducing costs of errors and failure.   ISO9001 has at its centre the need to turn "Customer Requirements" into "Customer Satisfaction" while making improvements to achieve the goal of continual improvement.

The costs of setting up the quality system to meet the requirements of ISO9001 are usually recovered quickly and the bonus is the exposure to potential customers requiring 9001 as a tender requirement, through the Dti register of quality competent organisations.

The business review, which is part of the initial setting up process, will often throw up opportunities for improvement and cost savings when carried out by a skilled consultant.

Companies that have so far survived the downturn need the advantage that a certification to an International  Standard  can bring:
  • Entry qualification to some tenders
  • Recognised  worldwide;
  • Reduction in errors;
  • Improved staff morale through relevant training;
  • Reductions in waste (get it right first time);
  • Measurable levels of customer satisfaction;
The process required to achieve certification to ISO9001 is often not complicated because companies still in business after the worst economic downturn since the 1930's must be doing a lot of things right.  Imagine what the benefits of an ISO9001 certification can bring.

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