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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Anti Virus Systems

Quality Matters have used McAfee anti-virus and anti-malware for many  years and have found the systems to be effective and sound, so it was something of a shock to find that over the Bank Holiday weekend something had gone wrong.

A red banner announced that my desktop machine was at risk.  I tried to upload the latest patch from the McAfee site but to no avail.  I tried to contact McAfee by email but it seemed that my connection to the internet was not functioning.

I finally managed to get the internet connection working again but the red banner remained.

Eventually, after some searching, I found a reference to this problem and a workaround.  I had to remove McAfee completely from my system and reload it from their site, and then ran a full scan.

Apparently a software upgrade had caused all these problems and McAfee were working to get a patch to all those affected.   I wasted several hours doing all this.

I think we all take our anti-virus software for granted.  It sits there silently protecting our systems.  It is something like ten minutes spent online without antivirus protection before your systems can be infected, I am told. 

Happily I can report that all the Quality Matters Systems are reported to be virus free.

By Monday morning McAfee had issued a further upgrade to eliminate the problem.  Phew!!

We do seem to be having a spate of software related issues lately or is it just that we are becoming more reliant on them?

Monday, 13 August 2012

The Internet and Data

Recent failures in data centres for major institutions have  been a headache with the NatWest/RBS online failure which prevented financial transaction for several days.  This was followed by O2 with an unsuccessful failover preventing many from using their phones for calls and data.

Have we become so reliant on the internet that a day, or more, causes major disruption? 

Sadly the internet now plays such a big part in our daily lives that even a short disruption causes much pain.

We were unaffected by the NatWest/RBS outage , except for two of our clients, who were unable to settle their invoices on time, however the O2 outage did mean that I had no access to our email as I was away from my office.  Of course I also had no voice calls either.  I must admit that it felt like having an important part of my body being cut off.  We have all become so used to instant communication that this sort of disconnection is alarming.

I hope that the organisations like ours were able to operate their business continuity plans and found them to be stable and efficient.

Following these incidents we have received far more enquiries for ISO27001 (Information Security Management Standard). This signifies that there were a lot of organisations that were unprepared.
Business continuity should be incorporated into all businesses.

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