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Monday, 14 January 2013

Welcome to 2013

Well it's back to work after a very enjoyable break and time to look again at the Standards that will make your business more efficient and enable you to get more work as a result of gaining an entry qualification to tenders.

Standards to consider:
  • ISO9001 - The Quality Management Standard; always a good standard to put into place and probably the most recognisable Standard in the world.
  • ISO14001 – The Environmental Management Standard; shows that you care about the environment.
  • ISO217001  - The Information Security Standard; most important if you handle or store data or work with or for an organisation that does.
  • ISO200000 -  The IT Service Management Standard;  a good Standard for IT organisations.
  • AS9100- The Aerospace and Defence Standard; this is 9001 extended to meet the strict requirements of the aerospace industry.

These are just 5 of the Standards in which we offer professional consultancy.  All work is guaranteed.

We are proud to boast that every Client proceeding to Assessment has passed the assessment, and at the first attempt since 1991.

If you would like further details or a quote for our services please contact us and we can ensure that you have a Very Happy and prosperous New Year.

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