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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

What no Broadband?

I came in to the office early as I had a lot of work to do only to find that the broadband was not available.   The internet light on the router was flashing amber and no amount of rebooting and obvious checking was going to have any effect. 

I was left with no option but to call the dreaded broadband helpdesk.   Three hours later, and having dismantled the telephone line box, changed cables, rebooted the router, the computer and messed about with the router settings with no good result, my blood pressure was very raised and having answered the same question with four different people with escalating areas of knowledge, I was beginning to lose my sense of humour.

The calls (0844) were costing me money and of course were not achieving anything.   The final straw came when the woman at the end of the line suggested that I would be charged £50 for an engineer to visit my home!!!   Why in God’s name would I need to have an engineer visit me at home when the problem lay with the broadband at the office?  

I know they have a job to do and it cannot be the easiest job in the world, but it would help if they could pass the job to a more experienced person when “rebooting the router” doesn’t work rather than reading through the whole script.

In desperation I asked to speak to a manager; I explained that I had been a customer since 1997  and I was not particularly pleased at being treated like a an idiot; I did say that I would ask for a mac code so that I could take my business elsewhere;  finally I was assured that an engineer would call at my office the next day and without charge, I even had a choice of times.  In the meantime I tried to work using a 3G modem on my laptop.  This is fine for internet connections when I am out of the office but painfully slow compared with broadband.

The engineer, a very cheery chap arrived within the timescale agreed and saw that the green internet light on the router was now lit but still no broadband connection.  He said that in 99 times out of a 100 it would be a faulty router.  He would pop down to his van a get a new one.  Within 15 minutes he had configured the new router and all was well again;  my blood pressure returned to normal.

The engineer asked me to complete a customer satisfaction form and he said that I should concentrate on his performance etc. and not on the help desk performance.  I was happy to do this and scored him at the top of the range.

I have deliberately not named the broadband provider as I am reliably informed, by other companies on the business estate that they are all pretty similar.

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