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Monday, 30 September 2013

ISO 14001, The Environmental Standard, Revision

Readers of my blog might remember I reported that the revision of this Environmental Standard was due to be completed in 2014 and the new Standard would be named ISO 14001:2014.
ISO received a vast number of comments following the release of the first committee draft and some serious revisions would have to be made if the Standard was to have been universally accepted.  Some of the comments were not particularly complimentary.

This has meant that the final issue has been put back to 2015.  This will give the ISO committee time to consider all the comments raised and incorporate these into the revised Standard.

The Environment and Environmental issues are very much in the public eye at the moment with scientists putting forward the view that mankind has been responsible for the climate change and resulting extreme weather conditions we have all experienced.

Getting the Standard ready for the rest of the 21st century is vital if we are to limit further damage to the environment.  Clearly it must also be readily adopted by companies across the world to be effective.  Setting unrealistic targets will be counter-productive.

Editors will note that ISO 9001 is also to be published in 2015,   so it will be an interesting year.

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