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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

10 Web Security Myths Debunked

Myth 1:  Web security is for big companies.
False.  Most small companies (and individuals) are targeted at some time.

Myth 2:  Firewalls and antivirus software are sufficient to protect my computer.
False.  Anti-Virus software is only one area for protection, but it must be updated regularly.  Clearly antivirus software can only defend against known viruses.

Myth 3:  The internet is so big that nobody would single out my computer.
False.  Hackers use automated systems to continuously probe the internet for unprotected computers. 

Myth 4 :  here is nothing on my computer worth stealing.
False.  There may well be sensitive information contained in hidden files, such as stored passwords, email addresses, and account numbers.

Myth 5:  I have turned off the Microsoft Automatic Update to protect my Windows computer.
False.  Auto-update provides security patches to help protect your computer.

Myth 6:  Email is a secure method of communication.
False.  Unless you encrypt your email, it is visible.

Myth 7:  I cannot remember complex passwords so I use my dog's name, but that is secure.
False.  A hacker can run a dictionary test to find easy passwords like this.

Myth 8:  My company insists on 8 digit complex passwords so I have to write them down – but this is safe.
False.  Writing down passwords is a bad idea and is full of risk.

Myth 9:  In my company we all share a generic password but this is secure.
False.  If there is problem with a generic password is it almost impossible to find out who is responsible.

Myth 10:  When we get new computers we always format the old hard disks to ensure they cannot be hacked.
False.  Hard disks should be physically destroyed otherwise data can be recovered, sometimes by simply un-formatting.

It is important to be security aware, particularly at this time of the year when online shopping is at a peak.

We are grateful to SINGLEHOP of Chicago, Illinois for giving us some of these myths about security best practices, and are happy to spread the word to our readers.

30 November 2014 is Computer Security Day.

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