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Monday, 9 November 2015


Cybercrime, where sensitive details are stolen from web sites and providers is causing a great deal of concern.  The loss of this data can cause immediate loss of confidentiality and in some cases loss of funds from bank and credit card accounts. 

The other form of cybercrime is called “vishing” and this is where a criminal uses the information stolen to make contact, usually by phone or email, to encourage you to give further information about your passwords and in some cases get you to transfer money from your own account to a supposedly “safe” account.  In reality the money has gone.  Sadly as this transfer was “authorised”  the bank will not recover it for you.

The main targets for these crimes tend to be the elderly or vulnerable.  The criminals are most convincing, even going to the trouble of explaining that there are a lot of nasty people out there who just want to steal your money; and just to convince you that they are genuine tell you to hang up the phone and then call the bank/credit card company using the information on your card or bank statement.  In reality the phone line never cleared and the criminal is still on the line and will answer with the name of the bank or credit card company.  They will then confirm that the call you received was genuine and you must take action immediately to safeguard your money.    Another successful crime committed.

I the event you are called by someone you don’t know then take extra care that you do not give information to the caller.

No bank or credit card company will ever ask for the complete password.   

No bank or credit card company will ever ask you to transfer money to another account.

If you need to contact your bank or credit card company always use a different phone, or if you have only one phone leave it for several minutes for the line to clear and then check that you have a dial tone before dialling.

If you have elderly or vulnerable relatives or friends tell them to trust no one until they are sure who they are.  If in doubt do nothing and get the help of a relative, friend or neighbour.

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