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Monday, 6 June 2016

ISO 45001 – replacement for OHSAS 18001

It seems that there is a certain amount of dissent for the latest draft of ISO 45001 which was due to be published later this year in October.

Part of the approval process relies on a positive vote from the 60 or so National Standards Bodies.  Voting took place  following assessment during February and May of this Year; there was a majority  in favour of approval (71%) but  28% voted against.  Astonishingly one Country abstained.

This will mean that it is back to the drawing board.  It was always ambitious to expect 60 countries to agree an Occupational Health & Safety Standard and this emphasises the different approach to H & S  in each country.

Consequently, there will have to be a major re-think and redraft based on the responses from the Country Bodies.  There is even some talk that the Standard may be abandoned if sufficient support cannot be generated.

Watch this space.

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