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Monday, 4 July 2016

EU Referendum

The seemingly endless conversations about the UKs place in the European Union is put to the people of the United Kingdom.

Britain voted to leave the EU; the ground didn’t open up and swallow us nor did the four horsemen of the apocalypse arrive as predicted by the many doom mongers.

Clearly there is much negotiation to take place and a significant review of the EU directives that have been transposed into UK Statute. The UE has produced hundreds of Directives over the years, some we can keep and others we can discard.

The main areas which will need serious consideration are the Environmental Laws which have placed a heavy burden on British businesses, particularly in climate levies and VAT on energy.

The other area which will need fairly urgent consideration is the proposed Data Protection Act revision which is in the final stages as an EU Directive.

Notwithstanding these issues there will be a transition period before any major changes.  It is important to note that until negotiations are complete and actual BREXIT takes place we are still in the EU with all its advantages and disadvantages.  It is possible that the divorce could take up to two years to effect.

We at Quality Matters are confident that we can continue to serve our Clients and provide help with all the major management standards.

Where next after the EU vote?

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