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Monday, 4 February 2019

Another Scam

They are getting more convincing aren’t they.  We think that we are keeping up with the scammers but we nearly got taken in by the latest.

The email stated that this was a final warning that our main URL was about to expire and we would lose all control over it.

We thought that our domain registration was renewed recently and that this may not be genuine.  To make sure we contacted Debbie Harrison of DVH Design who does our web-site and SEO and she confirmed that this was not genuine.

It appears that this scammer is trying to put the wind up organisations who may not read the entire email which does state right at the end that that they do not offer domain registration or renewals but have SEO services and this is what they offer.  It is very misleading because we do not use this company at all and to say that this was a final warning is not correct.

Here is a copy of the email:

It looks quite genuine. Don’t get caught out by this.  The payment site also contains a virus.

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