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Monday, 18 February 2019

Disaster Averted – again

We are not immune to the vagaries of computers. Last week our main office computer suffered a problem during a windows update; it froze and then started to carry out a full reboot.  We managed to power it down but then it failed to start.

We do, of course, have full backups of data and programmes but it soon became apparent that our emergency boot disk was of no use as the machine does not have a CD/DVD drive fitted.

This is increasingly the norm as most programmes are on line and do not require a DVD drive to install.

We tried a number of quick fixes but gave up after an hour.  I took the computer to our friends at Tiptree Computers and the following day it was back up and running, as good as new.  The cost £49.99 + VAT, a real bargain.

We then ran a comparison to the back-up and apart from one minor issue the computer was fully functional.  The issue was that the favourites had been reset.  This was corrected fairly quickly.

We do go on emphasising the requirements about ensuring that backups are taken regularly and then tested to ensure everything is protected.  In this case our backups and Tiptree Computers made sure our workflow was uninterrupted.

A disaster averted.

We later learned that the Microsoft update of windows defender had been the cause of this glitch and it is receiving attention from Redmond. We weren’t alone.

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